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Skill Development Workshops

All of our programs can be customized for in-house delivery to meet your specific needs.  Unless otherwise indicated, each topic listed below can be delivered as a:

            Lunch'n'Learn (1 1/2 hours)
            Key Concepts (half day); or
            Intensive (7 hour) Session

The following is a list of available topics:

            Recruitment & Selection

Behavioural Interviewing Techniques  
Effective Interviewing Techniques  
Enhancing Our Cultural Competency during the Interview Process  
Enriching Our Selection Process  
Finding and Hiring the Right People  
Key Concepts in Recruitment & Selection  
Structured Screening, Interviewing & Selecting Practices    

            Career Development

Making Transitions for Displaced Workers  
Marketing Your Skills: Navigating the Internal Application Process  
Marketing Your Skills: Targeting Your Resume & Cover Letter  
Marketing Your Skills: The Interview

            Workplace Discrimination, Harassment &   Violence

Building Respect: Preventing Bullying at Work
Building Respect: Preventing Discrimination at Work  
Building Respect: Preventing Harassment at Work  
Building Respect: Preventing Workplace Violence  
Conducting an Effective Workplace Investigation       
Coaching for Employee Development  
Coaching for Improved Performance
Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
Cultivating High Performing Teams
Key Concepts in Managing Performance
Managing Workplace Conflict
Motivating & Retaining Your Team
The Power of Four: Managing Different Generations in the Workplace
Transitioning from Technical Specialist to Supervisor
Working with Others: Understanding Behavioural Styles




Celebrating Differences Embracing Diversity at Work  
Enhancing Our Cultural Competency  
HOW May I Help You: Accessible Customer Service Training  
Human Rights in Employment
Key Concepts in Human Rights Obligations
The Power of Four: Embracing the Different Generations at Work
Working with Others: Understanding Behavioural Styles

            TEAM BUILDING  

Building Strong Team Communications  
Consensus Decision Making  
Cultivating High Performing Teams  
Effective Board Management  
Employee Engagement
Enhancing Our Team through Positive Communication
Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders
Motivating & Retaining Your Team
Strengthening Our Team  
Working with Others: Understanding Behavioural Styles 


Assertive Communication Techniques
Business Writing Skills  
Customer Service Excellence  
Dealing with Difficult People 
Embracing Change
Handling Interpersonal Conflict
Productive Workload Management
Professional Presentation Skills: Engaging Your Audience
Telephone Etiquette  
Tuning In The Art of Active Listening  
Working with Others: Understanding Behavioural Styles
All of our programs can be customized for in-house delivery.  For more detailed information concerning program content, other topics, or to discuss your specific training needs, please contact Marilyn Owston, Lead Trainer directly.
If you are interested in a particular program for your staff but have only a small group, contact us about offering a cost-effective "sponsored" program in your community. If you are looking for a program that you do not see listed or would like more detailed information concerning program content, please contact us directly for all your training needs.
Many of our workshops are offered on a rotating basis as open registration programs in Thunder Bay and several other regional communities.  For upcoming program locations and dates, see our "Workshop Schedule" section.  If you would like to receive notices regarding upcoming workshops in your area, please contact us directly.
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